Dark Souls I love you, you are great, I’ve had fun and been angry as fuck at the same time with you, which, if we look at my past relationships that basically means I’m in a comitted relationship with you. But I’m a 160 hours in and I need you to be over so I can move on my with my life and all the other games I’ve been negleting because of you, which is oddly similar to some of my breakups. I’m already playing other games on the side, baby, I’m sorry, I really am, this is just how it is.

Just two more bosses. Just two more…  

Game of Thrones S04E1 - Two Swords 

Thrice at least Lord Tywin had offered to buy Valyrian longswords from impoverished lesser houses, but his advances had always been firmly rebuffed. The little lordlings would gladly part with their daughters should a Lannister come asking, but they cherished their old family swords” 
(Tyrion, A Storm of Swords)